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Tradition Crew / Racana

Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

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Custom shelves are custom defined and adhered to by the Scouts in a  Rover/Ranger and Senior Rover/Ranger and shelves / Racana.

Peoples have the purpose to the existence of such customs, the Enforcement and Pandega Scouts can get used to keeping all the rules that apply in their place.

1. The process of making custom shelves / racana done such as creating a password shelves / racana namely through deliberation shelves.
2. Custom shelves / racana should not have written, but actually lived and observed by every member. If someone feels have violated prevailing custom willing to accept sanctions.
3. Custom shelves / Racana should be able to encourage its members to disciplinary action., Obedient and lead to a better social life and progress.
4. In the custom shelves / Racana must have the following provisions:

Obliged to follow the soul before it was sworn in as an afterthought Rover/Ranger Bantara.

Variations in carrying out the inauguration, it may cause unpleasant impression that is difficult to forget for the inauguration, like for example: before sworn to wash his face, then clean with white towel, and then salute the flag before entering the room, bowed to the master before the appointed etc..

At the ceremony of rate increases, of the Enforcement Enforcement Bantara Laksana no provision in accordance with local indigenous heritage, among others, such as: bamboo spears with white red flag, along with his bow arrows, dagger etc. Procurement and delivery of this heritage must be accompanied by its meaning.

Custom shelves / racana is customary in the shelves / racana which is a unique behavior and positive behavior, for example:
- For those who have come late to greet all the members who have been present beforehand,
- Give each other a greeting when you meet anywhere.
- At the time of cryptanalysis shelves in the opening ceremony / closing exercises take a stance / movement.
In essence Indigenous shelves / racana represent the nature and characteristics of life in the shelves / racana.

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