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Tips Managing Conflict

Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

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Tips Managing Conflict - Feeling frustrated? Angry? Easy emotion? We'll never experience a time.

The problem here is whether we can control themselves when in trouble? One way to be able to "deal" with the feeling of anger is a cool mind. In accepting the things that make us feel very angry and emotional overload, try to menstop feelings, calm yourself, and think about every word or action in order not to regret later. Express what is disturbing and why it makes us feel very angry.
  • Listen carefully to what others are saying. 
  • Make a selection in the absence of conflict resolution and avoid fights. 
  • If you feel unable to resolve themselves seek help. 
Talking with parents and adults
Have you ever tried to do this, but did not get what you expect from adults? Take it easy .. No emotion first. Perhaps this is caused by the way you are less precise communication.

Well, try deh use the following tips to improve your communication with adults.
  • Be honest with your feelings. The parent or guardian you can be a source of support or advice. But they do not understand what you have in your mind if you do not disclose it.
  • If you feel sad, do not be immediately located on the defensive side. If you start with your emotions then you will not be able to express your feelings.
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