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Indonesia Scout Movement Emblem

Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

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Scout emblem is a badge of the Scout Movement organization that is fixed. This symbol was created by Soenardjo Atmodipuro, an employee of the Department of Agriculture is also scout leaders.

This symbol was first used from the date of August 14, 1961, when President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Flag confers Soekarno Education Movement National Scout Movement Scout Indonesia to the organization through Presidential Decree No. 448 of 1961 Indonesia.


Silluete shaped emblem of the Scout Movement (shadow) Coconut Tunas. (See picture at right) translation of the symbol is defined in Decree No. Kwarnas. Coat 06/KN/72 of the Scout Movement.


The symbol of the Scout Movement implies metaphorical as follows:
  1. Coconut fruit grown in the state called the embryo. This implies Scouting is essential for the survival of the nation (the nation's next bud).
  2. Durable palm fruit. This means, the Scouts are a physically and spiritually strong and resilient.
  3. Palm trees can grow anywhere. This implies, Scouts are able to adapt in any condition
  4. Towering palm trees grow. This means, each Scout has high ideals.
  5. Coconut roots strong. Means, Scouts holding on strong foundations.
  6. A versatile palm tree. This implies, Scouts useful for homeland, nation and religion.
  7. Dagger emblem symbolizes the traditional weapon of Central Java
  8. 10 the fire emblem symbolizes dasadarma
  9. Rice and cotton symbolize the fertility of the field of food and clothing
  10. Represents the area code of the city area
  11. District's name symbolizes the city branch
  12. Symbol 5 stars precepts Pancasila.


  • Scout emblem may be used on the Flag, Flag, Board Kwartir Name / Unit, Identification and administrative tools of the Scout Movement
  • The use of such symbols is intended as an educational tool to remind and instill character and circumstances as set forth in the metaphorical sense that Coconut symbol buds on each member of the Scout Movement.
  • Each member of the Scout Movement is expected to practice and practice of science and technology to its surrounding communities. For the younger generation who are members of the Scout Movement is expected soon to become a spirited cadre development Pancasila
Source: wikipedia

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2 Responses to "Indonesia Scout Movement Emblem"

TKP mengatakan...

Just Share....
I think the word "Scout Emblem" isn't suitable for this posting. Coz the word "SCOUT" is so general, It's used by All a round the world. So, better be "Indonesia Scout Movement Emblem" or "Emblem Gerakan Pramuka"
Sorry if I make mistake.!! ^_^

SAM mengatakan...

Thanks TKP...
I'll change the title of this post to Indonesia Scout Movement Emblem. keep spirit!!!

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