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Pusaka Ambalan

Senin, 19 Maret 2012

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Pusaka Ambalan

In the Crew and Racana shelves, fittings other than customs code and flutter there was one more goal that is called Heritage Crew / Racana (Pusaka Ambalan).

Heritage Crew / Racana is a symbol that embodied in the form of objects, can be a weapon / significant proud positive heritage, chosen by consensus and has a metaphorical sense.

The purpose of Heritage Crew / Racana are:
  1. Encouraging creativity in everyday life for its members.
  2. Encourage a spirit in the worship, practice and work.
  3. Has the soul of pride and unity among members.
  4. Encourage to act disciplined, obedient and can reflect life in a civilized and advanced society.
Heritage types of shelves / racana can be selected as: scarves, protective weapons, axes, bamboo spears, or other who has a background that is positive.

For example chosen, Guns 'Chakra' an arrow type weapon taken from the world of puppetry. This weapon is considered the most powerful weapons and always on target. Chakra heritage will continue racing with the fast and will not stop until the goal or target is reached. This could reflect that the crew / racana has high ideals and noble, always zealous in striking Their purpose.

Procedures for use of Heritage Crew / Racana (Pusaka Ambalan) custom tailored to the desires and crew / racana and regulated by the shelves / racana own, such as the inauguration ceremony, or certain other events.

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3 Responses to "Pusaka Ambalan"

Harrys lala mengatakan...

I never seen this thing before, thank you 4 your shared! :D

Nobityong mengatakan...

Good ! :).. hehe,,, to understand your articel I must translate it from english to Indonesia.But no problem, I like this :D..

Hasbi Htc mengatakan...

Very interesting article Scouts continue to thrive

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