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Mascot and Logo Raimuna National 2012 (Rainas)

Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

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Logo Raimuna National 2012


  1. Raimuna X-shaped logo of the National Bird of Paradise silhouettes that show off beauty, elegance and persistence. Is a typical bird of paradise of Papua be protected
  2. Yellow feathers of 10 pieces representing the National Raimuna Papua is the tenth National Raimuna. Ten strands also Dasa  Dharma represents the number of Scouts
  3. Green feathers numbered 2 strands symbolize the land of Papua is arable land
  4. Red hair and white with the number of each - each of 3 strands Scout Promise symbolizes the Tri satya
  5. National Raimuna writing X with a shield instead of the typical Papuan letter A
  6. Jayapura, 9 July to 16 July 2012 is the place and date and the implementation of Raimuna National X

Mascot Raimuna National 2012
Form Mascot
National Raimuna X-shaped mascot caricature or Bird of Paradise called "Pace Kribo". Pace frizzy Scouts wear complete with standby holding a bow and arrow. In the culture of Papua, bow and arrow a weapon of war and weapons berburuh animals. Pace frizzy reflect a Boy Scout who was dubbed the warrior hero, always ready in a situation and any condition, and has advanced character, independence and dignity. this mascot mean that the Scout is ready berraimuna with communities to build the Land Papua.

Colors Mascot
Pace Kribo color identical to the identity of the Boy Scouts of brown and yellow combined with the color green.
  1. Brown color, describe attitudes and behaviors that mature in action and always and always acts as the attitude of a leader.
  2. The yellow color will describe the confidence and resolve to achieve something objective and aspiration.
  3. Green color, describing building kerbersamaan, kinship, unity and unity.
  4. Black, described the attitude of devotion
Meaning Mascot
"Pace Kribo"
1. Meaning
  • Pace frizzy locally derived Papuan languages ​​are often aimed at people a lot of hair or hair loose on her head Krol.
  • Feathers of Paradise has a sense of glory, greatness and beauty
  • Having a life as a warrior character who friendly
2. Style of Language
  • Communicative
  • Authoritative
  • family
  • Naming a unique language, making it easy to remember

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