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Gelapata IV 2012

Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

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Gelapata IV 2012

Along with the times, the progress of science and technology will also grow very rapidly. Many concepts - the concept of encouraging the emergence of science ideas - creative ideas to produce a work of innovative and appreciative. The emergence of an idea - creative ideas are not instantly take place but a process of learning from an activity, exercise and education.

Referring to the above conditions, the degree of activities organized Appreciation Children of the Gods (GELAPATA) IV 2012 as a means to prepare for the talent - young talents who are able to produce innovative work and apresitaif in the future, it is also a venue for young people to channel the ideas -an idea or a talent that has not been realized or channeled. Through the Children of the Gods degree Appreciation (GELAPATA) IV 2012 is expected to motivate students / i kindergarten, elementary, junior high school / vocational school as a work of Bali to produce innovative and appreciative of the high efficient for the advancement of science, art and culture as a solution of permaslahan going on around him.

In order to realize the program of work of the Council Racana Udayana-Mahendradatta tenure 2011 - 2012, was organized activities Children of the Gods degree Appreciation (GELAPATA) IV 2012 will be held on March 11, 2012 at the House Education Quality Assurance Agency (LPMP), Renon - Denpasar. GELAPATA IV 2012 is an event held by SMEs Scouts who will be able to form the means of communication and interaction between students / i, students, agencies and the general public. In addition, as a means to introduce SMEs to the Boy Scouts of Udayana University students / i kindergarten, elementary, junior high / equal, SMA / SMK / equivalent as Bali.

In spite of it all, the development of science, art and culture as well as the increasing demands of the times will the young talents who can mengahsilkan creative ideas and work of a competitive higher the degree of activities that lead to appreciation of the Son of the Gods GELAPATA IV 2012 can be realized and as an effort to answer the demands of the times and the development of science, art and culture itself.

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