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Deliberation Crew / Racana Scout

Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

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Deliberation Crew / Racana Scout is an obligation that must be implemented to provide and instill the value of togetherness, a sense of belonging, self-discipline and deliberation the crew / racana. In carrying out the consultation carried out shelves many different ways with the simplest.

The following is an example of deliberative forms of crew / racana conducted in an effort to provide the educational value of an organization that is positive, consistent with the objectives, expectations and aspirations of the members of the crew / racana. Thus the members of the scouts will mempu manage and organize the management system in crew / racana well.

a. Understanding
Deliberation is the highest forum in setting the policies and decisions by some Crew / Racana. Muyawarah shelves / Racana held 1 (one) years in accordance with tenure.

b. Deliberation event

In consultation menyelenggarajkan shelves / Racana it is necessary to establish the principal deliberative agenda include:

  1. Listen and respond to reports of the management accountability shelves / Racana long board tenure.
  2. Program evaluation work has been carried out.
  3. Develop plan / work program for the period to come.
  4. The selection board shelves / Racana tenure to come.

c. Congress participants

Crew / Racana before holding discussions should determine who is entitled to follow the activity:

  1. Board crew / Racana.
  2. The leader / deputy leader of the Support the / Reka / members.
  3. Patrons Enforcement / Pandega as a consultant / advisor

d. Implementation of the Council

A. Session Introduction.
In carrying out the consultation. participants in advance to determine who will lead the session Introduction. Usually in this trial led by Pradana / Chairman Racana or other designated administrator.
Introduction in the trial have the agenda:
- Establish rules and agenda.
- Selecting and setting hearings next leader / could form a sort of Presidium. (Usually 3 people selected. Comprising 1 Chair and 2 members)
B. Trial.
  • Plenary Meeting. (First)
The meeting was led by a chairperson who has been assigned / Presidium.
Agenda show:
- Listen to the report Accountability Pradana / Racana Chairman / Board of shelves during his tenure.
- Conduct evaluation activities carried out.
- Accountability reports validate shelves / Racana long.
  • Plenary Meeting (Second)
The Plenary discussed include:
1. Distribution of field - the field / commission established to plan / work program.
2. Held a meeting - Meeting of the commission / each field
Field / commission may for example consist of:
a. Commission's organizational and financial SASI.
Discuss the structure of the board / council will be formed is adjusted as needed. It includes Kehornatan Council. The commission also establishes procedures for the selection and management of the Council Pradana shelves / Chairman of the Board Racana Racana and administrators.
Establish administrative systems and the amount of membership fees, etc..
b. Activities Commission.
Ie plan / program of work to come. Form of activity or exercise routine that will be implemented.
c. Commission on Indigenous / password / heritage Ambalam - Racana.
This commission is usually discussed in a review of Indigenous / Password / Heritage shelves / Racana is still relevant and in line with developments in the shelves / Racana.
  • Plenary Meeting (Third)
In this trial contains the agenda include:
a. Listening and responding to reports of committee meetings / their respective fields.
b. Validate results of the meeting of each field / commission.
c. Form a team of Formulation. Formulation Team is tasked with preparing all the decisions of the commission meetings.
d. Board Elections held shelves / Racana after listening to the results of the drafting team meeting sub committee organizations / finance.
The Governing Board of Elections shelves / Racana can be done in various ways such as:
- Selection of directly Pradana / Chairman Racana and continued with the complete layout managers.
- Selection of directly Pradana / Chairman Racana Formation and form a team. Formation team is tasked with preparing the management team with the task and a period of time. Formation team is led by Pradana/Racana Elected Chairman.
- Selection of the entire board board shelves / racana submitted to the Formation team.
- Selection of directly Pradana / Chairman Racana implemented within a certain time be implemented directly. general, free and secret ballot by all members of the shelves / racana.

C. Closing Session
Carried out in this agenda are:
- Reading all the results and conclusions during the trial. And once inaugurate.
- Submit the results of the drafting team to Pradana / Chairman Racana elected to complete his job duties. mis. Formation team duties etc. (if the election was held in the show)
- Closing the hearing.

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