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The Award Marks Tigor and Tiska

Senin, 12 Maret 2012

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Tigor Tiska
Award marks used by scouts as an educational tool, by giving signs of Honor, which is expected to give impetus to the person to improve his personality, his achievements, and pengabdianya, as well as giving responsibilities related to granting honors it.

Signs of Students awarded at the awards activity, which is a sign of honor given to a Boy Scout (Cub/Brownie, Boy Scout/Girl Scout, Rover/Ranger and Senior Rover/Ranger) which has demonstrated its activity and achieve very good results in a scouting activity. The award marks mentioned in the discussion here, sign Participate Activities (Tiska) and sign Mutual Aid Participate Bakti (Tigor).

Terms Signs Award Recipient Activities:
  1.  The award marks the Scout Movement Activities expressed appreciation to a Scout who has been doing well in a scouting activity.
  2.  A Boy Scout ( Cub/Brownie, Boy Scout/Girl Scout, Rover/Ranger and Senior Rover/Ranger ) can receive and wear a sign of Award Activity (Tiska) if the party concerned has been qualified as follows:  It meets the requirements specified full-Organizing committee, to attend scouting activities organized by the organizers, It has been fulfilling its obligations duties, scouting activities that followed, with a sense of responsibility, sincerity, perseverance, diligence and accuracy, so as to achieve good performance, in accordance with the provisions of the organizers of these activities. 
  3. Award one mark in the form of sign activity Bakti Participating Mutual Aid (Tigor) given after the relevant active conduct of activities in the camp Wirakarya, or community service activities of mutual aid that followed, with a sense of responsibility, sincerity, perseverance, diligence, thoroughness, so as to achieve good performance, in accordance with the provisions of the organizers of these activities. 
Actually, according to the rules, procedures for proposing to get signs made Scoutmaster Award Activities concerned with activity organizers, however, to simplify the process typically organizers had packed the gift of appreciation at a time into a single activity. The award marks handover activity is determined by Kwartir organizer. After the completion of activities in addition to awards given in the form of marks, also submitted a letter (form plaque) for the receiver / holder is entitled.
Provision, and the bestowal of honor to mark the handover of learners can be delegated to the Organizing Committee or Scoutmaster in question.

Shapes, sizes and colors.
a. Token of appreciation of the activities that are made of metal, cloth hung on a ribbon along the 3 cm maximum width of 2 cm, or on the board along the maximum metal maximum width of 2.5 cm and 1.2 cm according to the size of the sign of the award.
b. Token of appreciation activities can also be made of cloth or other material.
c. Daily awards marks made from a rectangular cloth measuring 2 cm x 1.5 cm, image and color specified by the organizers Kwartir activity concerned.

Use of Tiska and Tigor.
The award marks the activities used in the right pocket of uniform shirt son, and in the right chest above the fold of the armpit-high ornamental or daughter Scout uniforms.

The award marks Activities (Tiska) only applies and can be worn on the Scout uniform for a maximum of six months from the time the deposit of these markers to the person concerned, while for (Tigor) has no time limit.

The Award Marks Tigor and Tiska given to students in addition to instilling pride in the berangkutan, is also expected to encourage the recipient to improve his personal honor and ideals in the Scout Movement.

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