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Quick Tricks Memorized Morse

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

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Sometimes we have trouble memorizing or recall the Morse signals, but want to race tomorrow Galang let alone seldom practiced periodically. Here are tips to memorize the Morse quickly. See the picture below:

Instructions for Use:

A. The picture above is divided into two parts, right and left.
2. I read it from top to bottom.
3. White block shows the code point (.) And the black block code dashes (-).
4. Example left: If the signal shows a white one with a single point that is the letter E.

Another example: (read from the top, yes) in white-white and white means four dots (....)

Means the letter H.

Another example: in black and white strip that is 2 1 dot (-.) Means the letter G

5. Remember the left block always starts with a block point (White) and the right block always starts with a block strip (Black).

Good luck, tell your friends and encourage learning morse together.
Reference: pramukanet

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