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Logo, Song And Mascot 50th Anniversary Scouting Indonesia

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

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National scouts have been issued a determination logo, mascot and song for the purposes of commemoration to the 50 Boy Scouts in 2011.

In accordance with the Kwartir National Decree No. 019 Year 2011 the Movie, Song and Mascot ie:

Logo 50th Anniversary Scouting Indonesia

The logo is an explanation:
50 Years of the Scout Movement in the age of 100 years of Scouting in Indonesia to strengthen the momentum of the Scout Movement as the only Scouting organization that becomes the triumph of coaching youth toward Indonesia in the spirit of unity and oneness.
A red symbol of courage ..
White symbol of purity.
Purple / wulung symbol of maturity and love.
Yellow symbol of triumph.
Black symbol of strength and permanence.

Mascot 50th Anniversary Scouting Indonesia
Explanation Meaning Mascot:
Mascot name of the crest. The crest is taken from the character or characteristics of animals are used as the eagle mascot of Java which has a crest on its head.
3 strands of hair on his head symbolizes Trisatya.
10 Strands feathers on the wings symbolize the Dharma Dasa
5 on the tail feathers symbolize Pancasila.
The color of the mascot took the colors that have become dominated brown color identity of the Scout Movement.

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