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Profile I Kadek Adiatmika S.PdH

Senin, 30 Januari 2012

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Kadek Adiatmika
Name             : I Kadek Adiatmika, S.PdH
Nickname     : Kak Pong
Birth              : September 2, 1986
Adress          : Br. Teguan, Bongkasa, Abiansemal
Email            :
Facebook     : Kadek Adiatmika
Phone           : +6287860677999

Kadek Adiatmika is one Unit Leader Scouts at SMAN 1 Abiansemal. Besides being a scout leader, a young man who also works as a Hindu religious teacher at several well-known vocational school (SMK) in Ubud Gianyar and Denpasar.

Under the guidance of elder brother who is often called Kak Pong, the Smanab Scout has won many achievements in the field scouting.

Kak Pong one alumnus SMAN 1 Abiansemal this besides being a Scoutmaster in SMAN 1 Abiansemal, he was also the builder of Adolescent Health Cadre (KKR) and has managed to  SMAN 1 Abiansemal make a 3 winner Contest UKS provincial level.

Success continues to Kadek Adiatmika aka Kak Pong.

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