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Yells PKTP At SMAN 1 Abiansemal

Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

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Hidup... Sehat... Cegah... Kanker.

PKTP... Cegah Kanker... Periksa Papsmear... Anti Rokok... Hidup Sehat.

That's a fraction of the yells of the gymnastics scout team in the competition PKTP at SMAN 1 Abiansemal.

You must know, our school SMAN 1 Abiansemal become participants in the Competition PKTP (Penanggulangan Kanker Terpadu Paripurna). Competition is assessment carried out on 1 November 2011 it has gone through a lot of rehearsal and coaching before the competition.

Our school has also approached by SMP Negeri 2 Abiansemal and SD No. 3 Legian's come to be participants in the same competition.

Especially for a team scout yells gymnastics, this time does not make the slightest mistake. Although we know there is little incidents like the flag semaphore semaphore loose and broken sticks, not at all reduce the spirit to perform gymnastics scouts before the assessment team and the Regent of Badung, A.A. Gde Agung. Because of a long rehearsal process has coached gymnastics team is to be able to perform well during the assessment.

We wait for the outcome whether Smanab will win in this competition ... 

The important thing remains spirit!

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4 Responses to "Yells PKTP At SMAN 1 Abiansemal"

menkhuey mengatakan...

wowwww.... the site is great. I Hope Scout team of smanab always at the glorious

Pramuka Smanab mengatakan...

Thanks for your support.

Ayuxsrix Rahayu mengatakan...

Smanab is the Best for me,,,

Jasa Penerjemah Inggris Indoensia mengatakan...

Don't forget to keep your spirit to build this coubtry okey......

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