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Raimuna National X Year 2012

Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

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Raimuna National 2012
Raimuna National X Year 2012 - Papua province gained the confidence to host the grand event Raimuna (Rover's Moot) scouts camp in 2012.

Chairman of the Provincial Headquarters (Kwarda) Papua Province, Amos Asmuruf SH in Biak, on Monday, said the ranks of Scout Branch Kwartir districts / cities in Papua is expected to prepare themselves to welcome the national agenda of  Raimuna National in Papua.

"As the host of the Raimuna National we should be proud because this area is visited by about 10,000 scouts from all over Indonesia," said Amos.

He said, to face the national Boy Scout event in 2012 in Papua Papua Kwarda parties will prepare the infrastructure Scout campsite in Buper Waena, especially the bathroom sink toilet facilities (MCK). 
While other supporting facilities, continued Amos, such as building facilities for the participants camp activities already available in the area Boy Scout Campgrounds Buper Waena Jayapura.

Alluding to the impact of the Boy Scouts in Papua, according to Amos, is quite large, especially viewed from the circulation of money brought into the participants from districts / municipalities and provinces in Indonesia for the purpose of the camp Raimuna it.

For local residents such as motorcycle taxi drivers and vegetable vendors and so forth, he added, would receive additional income from Raimuna activities that took place at the national level Campgrounds Waena it.

"I think during the national event will be many activities that take place outside Papua participants from shopping at various places in Papua, thus contributing to the local population," said Amos.

The word comes from the language Ambai Raimuna, East Yapen area, Yapen Waropen district, Papua. Raimuna derived from the word Rai and Muna. Rai means a group of people who gathered to achieve certain goals set out together. Meanwhile, Muna is the power of the soul of someone a good influence in achieving success. Thus, raimuna means a group of people who lived in a force with the power animated by something that always gives a high spirit in achieving its objectives.

Amos urged all Regents and Mayors as Papua as a panel of mentors scouts to prepare themselves morally and financially to support the national agenda Camp Raimuna National level.

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