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Profile Surya Adhi Martana

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

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Surya Adhi Martana
Name                         : Surya Adhi Martana
Nickname                  : SAM
Place of Birth            : Taman, March 29, 1995
Address                     : Br. Jempeng, Ds. Taman, Kec. Abiansemal, Kab. Badung, Prov. Bali.
Motto                        : We Will Not Know Before Trying.

About The Author
My name is I Gede Surya Adhi Martana, I was born in the Taman Village on March 29, 1995. I lived with a family which is too simple. Since childhood I lived in Kuta. My father worked at the Villa while she worked as a housemaid in the house of a Spanish citizen. But since there is Bali bombing incident field having a difficult economy, our family had returned to live at Village until now.

Education begins in kindergarten TK Kumuda Sari in Kuta, then SD No. 8 Kuta but after the second grade elementary school moved to SD No. 3 Taman. Junior High Education I continued in SMPN 4 Abiansemal and is currently in school at SMAN 1 Abiansemal.

At The Beginning Of Fall To Earth Blog
My introduction to the world of blogs started when I was in junior high. At the time of visit to the school library I saw a lot of new books about the internet and computers. But every time I want to borrow a book is never allowed because the book has not been labeled by the library. Because curiosity is hard, I continue to urge the librarian so quick to label the new book and finally obeyed my request. The books that I find interesting to learn directly I borrow.

After understanding the contents of these books, I try to practice it by going to internet cafes with friends. Eventually be my first email and email me directly submitted to the social networking site facebook (See my facebook here).

Little by little I understand the internet sciences. Used to have email and facebook have been cool, but now it seems if you just got an email and facebook it feels normal as anyone has had it. So I decided to learn to create a blog. The theme of my first blog of my adventures with my friends during the tour by bicycle. Eventually be my first blog with the name Although it is still simple, I keep trying to learn in order to make the blog better.

Show The Meaning Of An Actual Creativity
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mantep webnya bro... isi link download lagu-lagu pramuka, saya ada banyak. Saya juga mantan pradana smanad angkatan 2000, salam kenal..

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