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Pramuka Smanab Climb Pucak Mangu Temple

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

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Smanab Scout Climb Pucak Mangu

Pramuka Smanab climb Pucak Mangu temple on Tuesday (15/02/2011). The event was held in order to fill the holiday Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Before climbing into pucak Mangu, we perform worship in Pura Penataran Pucak Mangu temples that we are given a safety during ascent toward the top.

Amid the traveling climber Smanab Scouts meet Sispala from SMAN 1 Kuta Utara (Sakura). Although initially our first climb, but a lot of overtaking Sispala when climbing. Never mind we passed up an important later on we definitely reached the top.

After walking step by step, finally we arrived at 13.00 WITA on Pucak Mangu with climbers from Sispala Sakura. All Smanab Scouts climbers reached the top safely. Feeling tired and thirsty so lost when I saw the beautiful scenery from the top.

Continuing on with the prayers at the Pucak Mangu Temple. Hopefully we are given salvation wherever we are and what we aspire to achieveIt's time for lunch, all-consuming supplies that have been prepared from home. Because many foods are not eaten, the rest of the food given to the monkeys that roam around the templeBefore going to home, Smanab Scout hold social events around the temple by clearing and burning of plastic waste is strewn. Do not forget to take pictures with Camera for memorabilia.


Ascend train us to become a patient. Let us not be quick to say tired while climbing. If we want to go step by step we will surely reach the top.

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