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Counseling HIV / AIDS In Smanab

Senin, 19 Desember 2011

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Hey guys ... 
Do you know what HIV / AIDS? The disease this one really talking more intensively. To prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS are more trendy today, many ways can be done, one of which is to conduct outreach in schools. At SMAN 1 Abiansemal on Friday (09/09/2011) yesterday held counseling HIV / AIDS conducted by the foundation Kisara. This activity takes participants 50 people from the Smanab Scouts.

Extension activities is filled with the delivery of content in the form of what are important things to do in preventing HIV / AIDS.

Furthermore, no events collided creativity by making Mading for each group. Each group was given different material and also given the magazines to find images that are relevant to the material that will be presented. Once completed, each group presents what the contents of Mading has created it.

There is also a yoga activities. We are here taught yoga basics such as learning to manage the respiratory system and relaxes the muscles to relax.

Finally there is a parcel of Kisara interesting for all participants. There is also a unique gift for the five participants who answer questions correctly. Spirit continues to Kisara and the younger generation. Let's start from now we prevent HIV / AIDS!!!

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