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Camping Pramuka Smanab With KKR At Pasar Agung Temple

Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

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Camping Pramuka Smanab With KKR At Pasar Agung Temple - Encampment in the Pasar Agung is an annual agenda  Smanab Scout end of each school year. This time Smanab Scout camping in the Pasar Agung was accompanied by the KKR (Health Cadre Teens) Smanab on 12-14 June 2011.

Before leaving for buper, scouts and KKR prayer meetings in Padmasana. Departure Smanab Scout to buper released by the Vice Principal Public Relations Drs. I Nyoman Puspa Antara.

Camping in the Pasar Agung was very cold, even using warm clothes also still feels cold. But when viewed from the positive side, the cold temperature causes the mosquitoes can not breed. So no need to worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

The first day is filled with activities to prepare a place for camping. In this camp we sleep in wantilan whose sides are covered with curtain to avoid the winds that blow. For the kitchen is also made in wantilan. Kitchen to scout different from the kitchen to the KKR.

At night many who fall ill due to cold. Especially for Kak Sanjiwangi like electrical shorting. Already passed, more conscious, unconscious again, finally realized, too.

The next day was the climb to the summit of Mount Agung. The climb begins at 2:30 AM to arrive at the summit at 09.00 pm. (Read More: Climb to Top of Mount Agung ... Click Here)

Dated June 14, 2011, the last day for camping. Filled with social service activities around the temple known as the Pasar Agung "GREAT CARE". Followed by a closing ceremony and pictures together. Then conduct prayer meetings for the last time at Pura Pasar Agung.

It's time to pack and tidy up all the goods brought from home so nothing is missed. Last "Say Goodbye" Pasar Agung. Many exciting experience that will not be forgotten here.

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5 Responses to "Camping Pramuka Smanab With KKR At Pasar Agung Temple"

Ayuxsrix Rahayu mengatakan...

that's right,,,
i feel same like them,,
cause i follow that camp too.
it's very gorgeous,
PRAMUKA SMANAB is the best,,,

Hasbi Htc mengatakan...

Mantap terus berkarya semoga Pramuka tetap jaya, jadi keiiget saya waktu masih sekolah sering pergi camping anda latihan pramuka disekolah klo sore hari....nice share..

Nobityong mengatakan...

saya tunggu camping pramuka with KKR nya ya :)

SAM mengatakan...

@Nobityong_Katanya ngga mau ikut kalau kemah sama pramuka?

kista ganglion mengatakan...

Info menarik dan boleh sekali dicoba, Makasih buat infonya dan sukses

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